Our Bully Sticks

are sourced locally from a wholesale vendor here in Minnesota. Single ingredient treats - no preservatives, additives, or chemicals. There's a little odor to them, humans don't like it as much but our canine companions LOVE smelly treats. We find the odor and lingering smelly breath dissipates quickly.

These are ideal for teeth cleaning and highly digestible.

About Us
  • Lightweight Bully Sticks

    12" long, pack of 5. These are between 30-45 grams. Have a spoiled pup? These are the best bang for your buck. Doesn't last as long, but easier on the wallet so they can at least get many treats...

  • Medium Weight Bully Sticks

    12" long, pack of 3. These are between 46-64 grams.

    Slightly heavier than the lightweight sticks. They are not longer or thicker - they are heavier so they may take slightly more time to get through.

  • Large Weight Bully Sticks

    12" long, pack of 2. These are the heavier coming in between 65-79 grams.

    They are not longer or necessarily thicker - they are just heavier meaning they took a shorter time to dry, maintaining a lot of the water weight and scent. Because they are heavier, they may take more time for a smaller dog to get through.