About Us

We started Pawfect Treats Fur the Beasts because we wanted to provide affordable healthy chewy treats to the working dog. 

We have worked in the pet food industry for years and know what goes on behind the scenes with vendors, stores, manufacturers and processing facilities. We are fed up with the lies and loopholes and non-transparency of some large food corporations and even small pet food businesses. 

Customer service and pupstomer satisfaction is one of our top priorities besides sourcing healthy treats. We promise to be as transparent as we can without giving up our vendors (because that is, after all, our business livelihood). 

We realize that there are a million different stores online and in person that you can easily source bully sticks from. So why us? Because we have working dogs and our world revolves around them - we worked in the pet food industry because we had thought that the industry would understand when we have training lessons during the day or vet appointments. What we discovered in that industry did not make us feel one bit better about “healthy fresh foods and treats” for our pets. 

We wanted to branch out and work for ourselves for people like us - that will go the extra mile to purchase from reputable companies for high quality products - the best of the best for their furry family members.  We still need to make money because.. well, we have dogs to send to college. 

Supporting our business really means you’re supporting our lifestyle and that is funding our training lessons, and us being able to provide high quality foods and treats for our working dogs, and all of our other pets. 

People are more conscious than ever about who they’re spending money on, where their money is going, what those companies' values are, how sustainable products are and what impact they make on the environment. If you ever have questions about our products, our values, etc., don’t hesitate to email in! We’re a small company consisting of literally two people so far. Our lives revolve around our dogs so we completely understand wanting the very best for our furry family members. 

At Pawfect Treats Fur the Beasts, we will strive to be transparent to consumers and customers as much as possible and provide only high quality products.

This is our life’s passion and goal one day of bringing fresh, healthy pet treats (and food) to people’s front doors. For now, we’re focusing on single ingredient treats that are handpicked or made by us. I hope you stick around to see what’s in store eventually.. of where we’ll pivot and eventually offer one day.