Bully Stick FAQ


Our bully sticks (also known as pizzles) are sourced from a MN wholesaler. These are all natural, single ingredient, with no additives, chemicals or preservatives added. No matter where you purchase bully sticks - this should be the case! 


Due to the nature of our natural treats, we recommend storing in a cool and dry environment. You can freeze it as well if you live in a humid environment. 


We'll admit, we don't always try to source for odor-free bully sticks. These have minimal odor, but it is there (we also happen to be sensitive to smells so you may or may not notice.)

Canines are much more sensitive to smells and the more fragrant the item is, the more they love it! Bully sticks can pick up odor because they weren't dried as long or because they were not dipped to minimize odors. We believe in having it completely natural - with the natural scent.

We're not fans of it either (we mean, ew, peen breath!) but we have to do it for the dogs! Don't worry, the smell does dissipate quite quickly and soon, you'll have a dog breathing in your face that doesn't have bad breath (or peen breath)... it'll just be hot, humid breath that makes you uncomfortable.


These are great for light to aggressive chewers for mental stimulation. Do they last as long as raw meaty bones, yak chews or antlers? No. Typically, one would try to source something hard and long lasting for aggressive chewers, but that could backfire and the aggressive chewer could end up with dental issues such as teeth chipping or fractured, etc. If your nail can not leave an impression in the product, then it may be too hard of a product for the aggressive to chew on. 

While this is not ideal for those who need their dog preoccupied for a bit longer, it's what is healthiest/best in the long run. 

Bully sticks have enough "give" to them so they chewers are less prone to experience dental issues with them. 

Every dog is different. Know they dog. Supervision is always recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water. 


Ever eat crackers only to later on experience all that mush along your gumlines? That's what kibble and dry treats do so the fact that some products are supposed to be "teeth cleaning" is laughable in our opinion. 

Canines and felines naturally clean their teeth by friction. For cats who are obligate carnivores, this means shearing meat off of bone. For dogs, same concept but we can offer bully sticks as well. By chewing these tough treats, the friction helps to gently scrape away plaque. 

However, this is supplemental. We still wholeheartedly believe that the #1 thing you can do to help your pets' teeth is to brush their teeth with an enzymatic toothpaste. Water additives help soften plaque as well.

Alisa, the owner of Pawfect Treats, believes that her Aussie, Teemo, has no bad breath due to his diet, but mainly because he gets bully sticks often.

Because it is a chewing treat, as always, every dog is different. Know they dog. Supervision is always recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water. 


Bully sticks are just dried (sometimes smoked, freeze dried or baked) beef/steer penises (peni? peens?) There should be no additives, chemicals or preservatives no matter where you source or purchase it. It's a single ingredient item so it's easy to know what's in it.

Unlike rawhide, bully sticks are highly digestible. This means a lower risk to intestinal blockage if you do feed them often. 

However, they are high in calories so keep that in mind. When they are chewed to a small chunk/nub, there is a risk of choking. This is why we mention to know thy dog!

Teemo, the Pawfect Treats mascot, has NO issues with 1" bully sticks. Other dogs, this may be a choking hazard, but he's handled it since a pup and we are aware of that.

If you are worried, you SHOULD be feeding under supervision anyways, but we recommend getting a bully stick holder. Teemo has his own bully stick holder: his grippy paws. 

[insert Teemo pic here]

In addition to potentially being a choking hazard, pups can vomit undigested chunks of bully sticks as well so we urge the hoomans to provide these under supervision and know thy dog!


Can puppies have bully sticks? Absolutely. It's ideal as it's something for them to gnaw on especially during the teething stages, but it's not so hard that they can incur dental damage.

Supervision is highly recommended and encouraged. This is when you should see how your pup does with chewing treats and how to navigate around those 1" chunks when the bully stick is nearly gone.


These are high in protein (amino acids), low in fat and cholesterol but very high in calories. Hence, Teemo is also known as Fatmo (lovingly).

It's a great treat a few times a week. Adjust accordingly with your dog's weight.


Bully sticks are safe, but can carry harmful bacteria including salmonella. That is the nature of the product when you deal with "all natural" because of minimal processing.

We recommend to always buy from reliable source(s). Of course, with handling any pet food and/or treat, always wash your hands after handling. 

Cats and dogs have a higher threshold for bacteria - this does not mean they cannot get sick from salmonella! Just that it takes more for them to get sick than it would for us hoomans. So, please don't lick your hand after handling bull peen. 


Here at Pawfect Treats Fur the Beasts, we have our bullies sorted by length and weight. Right now we are carrying the 12" bullies, and they are all sorted by weight.

This does not necessarily mean they are thicker, but that they are heavier from water retention. Sticks that are dried for a shorter period of time will be heavier from retaining more moisture, more dense, and have a more "natural" scent as well. The large weights and jumbos are noticeably more heavy and slightly thicker to the naked eye when comparing them.

The pros with the heavier sticks is that they are a little more chewy and longer lasting. But 12" is still 12" so if you have a super chewer, it may take close to the same amount of time regardless if it was a regular stick or a super jumbo stick.

Description and Weight
Regular - 30-45 g
Medium 45g+
Large 65g+
Jumbo 80g+
Super Jumbo 90g+